THE BESFLOW SHIVE                


 Fitting Instructions. Download pritable version here
1. Select the barrel of beer which you are going to apply the Besflow shive, (the shive will fit both 9 & 18 gallon barrels).
2. Lay the selected barrel down on the gantry in the normal fashion ready to vent.
3. Thougherly clean around the existing shive with a recommended detergent.
4. Remove the existing shive using a sturdy tool such as a screwdriver and dispose of.
5. Take the new Besflow shive and remove the band from around the bag.
6. Lower the bag into the barrel resting the shive on the edges of the opening.
7. Check that the bag is fully in the barrel and not snagged between the barrel and the shive.
8. Centre the shive to the opening and using a large headed rubber mallet firmly strike the top of the shive (do not use a narrow headed hammer unless a piece of wood is placed over the shive to prevent damage). Drive the shive home ensuring that it is seated properly to the barrel.
9. When you are ready to vent the barrel, peg the tut labelled ‘VENT’ and second condition the ale in the normal fashion using a soft peg.
10. After second conditioning is completed hard peg the ‘VENT’ tut and pierce the tut labelled ‘FLOW’. The barrel is now ready for serving.
11. The ‘FLOW’ tut does not require hard pegging at any time.
12. Normal procedures for ‘cleaning lines’ and pulling ‘beer through’ each day prior to serving must be observed.

When used properly the Besflow Bung will maintain the quality of the ale for up to four weeks, subject to the sell by date on the barrel.